Can Your Lawn Tools Damage Your Trees?

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to maintain your lawn. However, it can often be tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, there are a lot of power tools out there made specifically to make your lawn work easier. These tools are an excellent time-saver.  

Unfortunately, tools such as string trimmers and lawnmowers can cause severe damage to your trees. This is particularly true if you aren’t careful. Today, we’re going to talk about how your power lawn tools can damage your trees.  

If it’s already too late and the damage has been done, you can always hire a tree service Bozeman company to help fix your tree.  

Bark Damage 

Essentially, the bark of your tree is like our skin. Its job is to protect every single organ inside the tree. The organs of the tree are the xylem and phloem. For those who don’t know, these are vascular tubes that carry nutrients and water across the tree. If you remove or damage the bark, you are also compromising the vascular system. This makes it more difficult for trees to survive.  

In addition to that, if you create wounds to your tree, you’re also creating access for bacterial and fungal diseases. Insects might also infest or infect your tree. Insects and microorganisms will then cause more damage if they make their way to the tree’s healthy tissue. During this process, your tree is working very hard to fix the damage that you caused using your power tool. Illnesses that enter through open wounds can rot trees from the interior side. This decay might continue to happen on the tree’s interior for a lot of years and you won’t notice it.  

Mechanical Damage 

Typically, mechanical damage is simply to notice on a tree trunk. However, there will be other problems if the damage is extremely severe. This includes: 

  • Rotted and fallen trees 
  • Fallen branches 
  • Dropping or yellowing of leaves 
  • Dieback of branches 

Repetitive or extreme damage that extends 60%-100% around the trunk of the tree will lead to girdling that typically kills the tree that is damaged.  

Preventing Tree Damage 

Though you can damage every tree using your string trimmers and lawnmowers, trees that are newly planted are particularly at risk. The young and soft back can be damaged more easily. Also, the less developed and smaller root systems of trees that are newly planted have a difficult time recovering from the damage.  

Precautions to take 

  • You can install a bark protector before you do your yard work to protect the trunk. You can find these at any garden center. Keep in mind to get rid of them after you’re done working since they can also lead to girdling if you leave these devices for too long.  
  • Apply mulch around the area of your tree trunk. Make sure you properly apply it. Aside from preventing weeds, mulch also cools the soil and helps preserve moisture.  
  • Use your hands to get rid of lawn grasses and weeds around the trunk of your tree. You shouldn’t allow groundcovers and lawn grass to overtake your tree’s base since they cause damage as well. 

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